Thursday, May 14, 2015

Make-up for Cosplay

Doing makeup and bodypainting for Cosplay has become more and more exciting for me. And now, something I want to keep exploring :D

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bodypainting / Hair dresses by Lyma

These are some of my body paints with head pieces

For that last one we used MEHRON Liberty Green, from Fantasty FX collection, to create this wonderful peace. I did the crown with a $1 dll diadem and card board attached with hot gun. Also, I matched the color (liberty green) and made liquid airbrush color to spray over the wig. It came out wonderful and this model Persia Pele is beautiful. The photos were taken by Jim Pollock


These are some of my Dia de Los Muertos Face and Body Painting

Collaboration with Alex Hansen in Los Angeles 2011

Dia de los muertos is an interesting celebration. Being mexican, I grew up doing altars every November 2nd and making poems about the way someone would die or how comic my death could be. Yes, a poem. The cemetery gets packed with people crying, or laughing or even celebrating with tequila, offering their loved ones favorite dishes, talking about their journeys together bringing objects, and even mariachi songs. So however, the sugar skulls and the muerto bred are traditional treats for Dia de los Muertos and specially the sugar skull and the colored designs have inspired the face paint practice so much. These are photos of what I have done in Los Angeles 2009 with this concept....


I love dark beauty. Here are some of my latest body paint photos.... sharing them in the web for last Halloween !!